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Meet HearUSA, an experienced team of hearing care providers

Explore the new product possibilities, services and benefits available through HearUSA:

Your hearing care provider will explain your test results and discuss your treatment options. If hearing aids or other products or services can help you, your licensed provider will provide a recommendation and assist you in selecting products and features that are right for you.

Today’s hearing aids are smaller, smarter and more effective than ever. HearUSA can help you find the best hearing aids for your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle and listening preferences.

Professional Hearing Care Services

Plan Benefits

How to use your Benefit

  1. Call 800-442-8231 to schedule an appointment.
  2. HearUSA calls the fund to verify eligibility.
  3. HearUSA sends you an appointment confirmation.
  4. If hearing aids are ordered, HearUSA completes the claim and sends it to the fund for processing.
  5. The benefit is paid directly to HearUSA.
  6. You pay HearUSA the balance (if any) of the allowable charges above the benefit.

Sample Savings 

Product/Service Avg. Retail You Pay Savings % Saved
Basic Digital Hearing Aid $1269 $995 $274 22%
Value Digital Hearing Aid $1575 $1300 $275 17%
Mid Level Digital Hearing Aid $1943 $1600 $343 18%
Advanced Digital Hearing Aid $2800 $1995 $805 29%
Premium Digital Hearing Aids $4200 $2500 $1700 40%
Audiometry $135 $49 $86 64%
Hearing Aid Exam & Selection $135 $0 $135 100%
Acoustic Testing $115 $35 $79 69%

*These are examples only. Savings will vary by procedure, provider and geographical area.

NOTE: Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount program or insurance.

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